Soothe provides a soothing base for sunburn, dry and irritated skin.

  • The lavender helps kill harmful bacteria and mint helps rejuvenate the skin.
  • It can also be applied as a night cream mask for dark circles.
  • The beautiful aroma of lavender calms down your senses and has a great relaxing effect.


Herby Soothe comes with the goodness of lavender, mint and skin friendly herbs.

This herbal gel comes with a soothing & relaxing aroma which immediately calms down your nerves whenever you need them.

Soothe provides an excellent solutions for sunburn, dry and irritated skin. It also acts as a great remedy for dark circles when applied as night masks.

Soothe 100%Natural Gel does not contain any any unnecessary solvents and is 100% Chemical Free.

Generally used in the after work hours and/or just before sleep

The gel is being used by men,women and children.



For Dry & Irritated Skin : Just a little bit of Soothe and apply on your face and hand. Experience the magic.

For Under-eye Black Circles : Apply Soothe everyday under your eyes and on your nose. Experience no black heads and absolutely clear under eyes in 10-15 days.



Also Available :

Soothe is also available in

  • 50grams Family Pack
  • 100grams Jumbo Pack


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