Herby – The Mosquito Repellent – 30ml


Herby – The Mosquito Repellent is a mixture of traditional Indian herbs and herbal extracts.

With just 2 Sprays in the room Herby Mosquito Repellent protects you from Mosquitoes for upto 8 hours.

A perfect product to keep mosquitoes, flies and ants away while bringing in a surreal peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

This 30ml bottle is a 60 NIGHTS PACK, and is supposed to last for 60 nights when used every night in a room.

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Herby – The Mosquito Repellent is a mixture of Indian traditional herbs and herbal extracts, used for repelling mosquitoes.

A unique blend of Indian herbs not only provides with a relief from mosquitoes, flies and ants, but also has a unique fragrance, for a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

Repels : Mosquitoes, all types of Flies and Ants.

Usage : 2 sprays is enough in a moderately sized room to keep mosquitoes out for 6-8 hours.

Efficacy : The mosquito repellent is effective for 6-8 hours in testing conditions, to provide with with a peaceful sleep.

Ingredients : Herby – The Mosquito Repellent is a mixture of Indian herbs – Pudina, Tulsi and Norcamphor mixed in Ajwain base. With the ingredients used, it makes it the most unique mosquito repellent.

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